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Sam Winchester and Ellen Harvelle
Finding solace in each other
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Re-posting here, per lady__vaako's request.

In and Around and Through Me Again
Ellen/Sam; PG-13
100 words

Sam's still the wrong Winchester, but Ellen doesn't give a damn if she's the right Harvelle
22nd-Feb-2007 09:09 am - New artwork - Family Portrait
Sam Fisher
As I told kueble, I was very much inspired by her wonderful story  Family Affair and I made a photomanipulation based on it. I've worked very hard on this one and it was truly a labour of love. I have to admit though that I was extremely luck to find headshots that were perfect for this. As you all know, we don't see Ellen smile very often and the same goes for Sam so far in Season 2.

Anyway, enough rambling. I hope you'll enjoy it. :-)

Note: I love how Sam's hand is so big next to the baby... LOL!

Ellen, Sam and little Samuel Jonathan Winchester
Ellen, Sam and little Samuel Jonathan Winchester

19th-Feb-2007 10:41 pm - Fic: Sam/Ellen, Dean/Jo
Abby - Sexy
Title: Family Affair
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Sam/Ellen, Dean/Jo
Rating: Hard R
Word Count: 4,464
Summary: Written for the spn_roadhouse ficathon prompt Ellen/Sam, Dean/Jo - Ellen watches her baby girl grow up and get a family of her own with her man's big brother.
Notes: Thanks to neroli66 for the wonderful beta.

Family Affair
10th-Feb-2007 03:09 pm - Secret Solace
Well, I made a fansite for Ellen/Sam!! ^^ Please check it out & send in donations if you've made anything. There's really nothing there at the moment besides a poll, 1 wallpaper & seven fanfics, so I really need donations. 

31st-Jan-2007 01:24 am - Just Press Hold
My Only One
Title: Just Press Hold
Pairing: Sam/Ellen
Rating: NC -17
Disclaimer: I own nothing, everything SPN belongs to kripke. With that said... please continue to the cut.
Summary: Sam gets hot over ellens voice on the phone and she calls him on it later.
A/N: Thanks arabella_hope for the speedy beta. Any mistakes at all are my fault and not hers. Oh and this is my first ever attempt at writing Sam/Ellen, and my first try at an SPN fic and my first time EVER posting a fic so... Feedback is nice?

Sam loved the sound of Ellen's voice.Collapse )
Sam Fisher
I've always been attracted to unconventional and unusual pairings and this one is no exception.  In my case, the attraction came from the whole 'younger man/older woman' fantasy attached to the pairing as well as the very secretive aspect that a relationship like this one would imply. Now I'm very curious to know how you ladies came to love the Sam/Ellen pairing and why. Was it a particular episode, a particular conversation or scene? Was it a fanfiction you happened to read?

28th-Jan-2007 06:27 pm - Fanart!
First try at a blend of Sam and Ellen together... and holy crap! Its really hard to find Ellen pictures... I found both images at supernatual-media.net.

fandom: rectify life is not a paragraph
Title: All the hurt geography I own
Author: Signe
Pairing: Sam/Ellen
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 1,814 words
Spoilers: Through Crossroad Blues
Notes: I owe this to flipmontigirl, who made me see Sam/Ellen in the first place, and who inspired, encouraged and betaed. And many thanks to annalazarus for spotting all the mistakes I'd missed - llamas for you! Title from 'Geography Lesson' by Carol Rumens. This is a story I wrote a few weeks ago, crossposted here at the request of lady__vaako.

[ Wanting's for fools, but thinking, no one can help thinking sometimes. ]
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