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Sam Winchester and Ellen Harvelle

Finding solace in each other

Sam and Ellen
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This community celebrates the pairing of Sam Winchester and Ellen Harvelle from the TV show Supernatural. It's a place where you can discuss them to your heart's content as well as post any and all fanfiction and artwork about them.

Just a couple of important rules:

  • Every story and artwork (including icons) posted here must prominently feature Sam and Ellen together or individually.

  • This is not a place to post about the actors themselves (unless it is directly related to Supernatural), but about the characters they play.

  • If you are posting fanfiction, please use the appropriate ratings and a summary. Also - in the case of multiple pairings - please indicate clearly if there's any Wincest involved.

  • Please use LJ cuts for large images and large quantities of text.

  • Affiliates
    If you are moderating a community and would like it to become an affiliate of this one, please leave a comment here: http://community.livejournal.com/sam_ellen/573.html


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